The Sierra Health Council received a grant and partnered with 15 local organizations to provide education and cable gun locks to local residents. The project goal is to help reduce intentional or unintentional gun related injuries and help reduce suicide rates in Sierra County.


1. Boys account for 80% of victims by guns.

2. Over 2/3 of school shooters acquire their guns from their own home or the home of a relative.

3. More than half of youth who committed suicide with a gun obtained the gun from their home, usually a parent’s gun.

Teenagers act on impulse and the impulse to commit suicide can pass in a matter of minutes, hours or days. A gun that is locked up buys your teenager time to let the impulse pass and his or her life be saved.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number 1-800-272-TALK (8255)

Numero de linea Nacional de Prevencion del Suicidio 1-800-272-8255

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